Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Apartment damaged after kitchen fire

Apartment Kitchen Fire

After Fire Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest came to the rescue after this apartment was damaged. A small kitchen fire created a lot of soot and smoke damage throughout the living room and kitchen. 

Soot damage all over wall after fire

Soot Damaged Wall

After Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest was called to this home after severe fire damage. There was black soot all over the walls. We were able to remove all of the damage and clean the walls so it looked like new. 

fire damage and water damage to building in Denver

Fire Damage Leads to Water Damage

Flooded Carpets

This commercial building suffered a large loss after a fire caused the sprinklers to turn on and flooded the building. When large buildings smoke detectors sense a fire, sprinklers will go off which often leads to water damage. Our team at SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest removes water and damaged material as well as restores the property after unexpected disasters. 

Electric lifts raising fire restoration techs up to a tall ceiling to remove smoke and soot damage

Reaching new heights in fire restoration!

When fire damaged this Denver facility, they did not hesitate to call our team.

We arrived ready to assess the damage. We quickly knew we would need specialized equipment to get the job done. Our fire restoration team was up for the challenge.

Fire damage in this Denver training facility required massive scaffolding in the pool area to provide smoke and soot removal

Scaffolding required for smoke and soot removal

A fire in this Denver facility sent smoke and soot throughout the entire building.

They called our fire restoration experts for help and we responded. The pool area had major smoke and soot residue all over the ceiling and other areas. We set up a major scaffolding structure to allow our team to properly clean and restore this area.

Wall with smoke and soot damage and a doorway leading to a storage room

Fire damage in Denver

Denver Restaurant Needed Fire Restoration

The damage was extensive, but out team was able to respond immediately and begin the restoration process. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire damage cleanup in a restaurant

Commercial property damaged by fire

This Denver commercial customer was devastated when a fire nearly destroyed their property! SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest was able to restore their property and make it "Like it never even happened." Make sure when disaster strikes to call experts like us!

Restoration cleanup in a restaurant

How do you clean up after smoke damage?

If you have smoke and soot damage, contact SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest. We have many techniques that can be used to clean black soot from the walls and get the facility ready to be open again. 

Severe Fire Damage In Home

This home had a severe fire and as you can see here, it caused a significant amount of damage. We came in and began the cleanup and restoration immediately and made it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage In Home

This home suffered damage from a large fire that affected a large portion of the interior. In this picture you can see some of the damage it caused. We were able to repair the damage quickly.

Smoke Damage in Glendale Home

Fires can be devastating and the smoke smell unbearable. Before restoration can happen we needed to get the smoke smell out. With our experience with smoke damage we were able to remove the bad odor and restoring this home.

Faster To Any Disaster

Team Mayfield, Working on Ceiling Damage from a fire that broke out in this commercial facility. Our team was quick to respond and get the entire situation under control. If you have any questions about fire or water losses, feel free to reach out to us. 

Fire or Water Loss in Denver, CO

Whether it is a Fire or Water Loss in Denver, Colorado, our team is always ready to go. We specialize in cleaning and restoration in the Denver marketing. No job is too big for our team!